Cluster Development in South Mumbai

By Murari Chaturvedi

For redevelopment of South Mumbai, The Maharashtra Govt. has issued notice M/S 37 (IA) of MRTP Act 30.8.2008, proposing amendments to Development Control Regulation 1997, to encourage cluster type redevelopment of age old buildings in island city (South Mumbai). The government has given guidelines and amendments in this notification Congested South Mumbai actually needs to be redeveloped, giving way to proper infrastructure in the area is present day needs. Cluster development, if planned properly, can provide the needed infrastructure and brand new buildings to live. The government has proposed the norms for such redevelopment. The minimum plot area for cluster development is fixed minimum area of not less than 4000 sq. mts while the FSI 4 which is permissible under DCR 1991 is now proposed to be removed. However for utilization of FSI beyond 4, prior permission of the state government is mandatory. To fulfill the condition of minimum area of 4000 sq. mts., many buildings will have to merge, which is difficult, if not impossible, task for the developers and/or developmental authorities to solve. Than there are other requirement to observe. The minimum size of dwelling unit is kept at 300 sq. ft. carpet area. These provisions shall be applicable for cluster type redevelopment for privately owned buildings, cessed buildings and buildings belonged to state government and Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. So as per these provisions, many parties and agencies are involved to make them all agree for merger of their buildings is a long drawn task. Besides this, for redevelopment of the buildings, it is necessary to have registered deed of conveyance, transfer, assignment or the lease as the case may be for documentary evidence of the property. The titles of the properties should be clear and marketable. It is advisable that all the building societies in the cluster development should have their own architect to advice the members about the various rules and permissions for redevelopment of the society buildings. The society should also assertain about the permissible built up area by using T.D.R., The other things include transit accommodation during the construction period, the corpus money the builder is giving and the additional area over and above the present area of present tenements to be given by the developers. There are well defined procedures for finalisation of the redevelopment of buildings, which your architect will be able to guide you. This whole exercise has to be undertaken for cluster development.

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  1. Will a single plot of 4000 sq.mtrs with two residential wings and 20 odd commercial shops be included in cluster development? If yes then, will the FSI be 4.

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