CM announced new guidelines for development and parking lot

Chief Minister published on Government of Maharashtra web site approval of new guidelines for development under section 33 (24) and 33(7) i.e. additional F.S.I for parking lot and Revised 3.00FSIfor Cessed buildings.
According to the new guidelines for development are; minimum area of 300sq ft. should be allotted to existing tenant/ occupation. Maximum area of 753.5059 ft can be allotted to existing tenant. So existing commercial occupant will get equivalent area in new construction. Whereas permissible for redevelopment of Cessed building will be 3.00 or FSI required for a accommodation of existing tenant+ Incentive FSI which is more.
Corpus for maintenance of new building to be given to existing occupants which will be utilized for maintenance of building for next 10 years. If there is any existing non-cessed building in the plot which is existing prior to 1969 and if its area is less than 25% of the total plot area, such building will be granted benefits 33(7) policy.
There are some other points also be noted like; any existing development under the present policy wherein Rehab Building construction has not reached plinth level can enjoy the benefits of this new scheme. And width to height ratio of building exceeds 1:9, then such building will require to take High Rise committee clearance. Minimum open space of 6meters in front and 6meters on one side open space has to be provided on side.
CM also has revised guidelines approved by the government for proposed development under section 33(24) for parking area; the height of parking lot shall be restricted to two level basements + max 4 level above grand. The parking proposed to be handed over will not be mechanical parking looking into maintenance of the same in future.
The additional FSI gained out of public parking will be charged premium to the tune of 40% of the ready reckoner value after deduction of cost of construction from reckoner value. The same will be payable @ of 50% to BMC and balance 50% to GOM. The location of parking lot and area allotted for no of car park shall be verified by technical person and the case will be scrutinized by committee under chairmanship of Municipal Commissioner Mumbai in construction with Asst. Police Commissioner (Traffic) and the said proposal will be approved by them with prior approval from GOM. The aforesaid guideline will be inserted vide clause (iv) of 33 (24) of D.C.R for which a specific circular will be issued by Municipal Commissioner.

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