Common Interest in Cluster Redevelopment

By Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi

One thing is in common between builders and Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan that both are game in for cluster redevelopment in Island city of Mumbai. The interest in developing Mumbai through cluster redevelopment was never opposed by any party but Property Owner’s Association. After all its their properties and it is their prerogative to develop them either stand alone or in cluster. But fact remain that though cluster redevelopment was provided in DCR, there were political figures involved in redevelopment and government of Maharashtra through its leaders have shown keen interest in redevelopment of Mumbai Island, cluster redevelopment have still to find a day light.
Just like Dharavi Rehabilitation projects, which was a pet projects for all the Prime Ministers in India and with World Bank assurance, Asia’s largest slum could not see a redevelopment process, Cluster Redevelopment too, could not see the day light.
Wasted interest like some of the leaders of political parties directly involved by formation of a company and directly going in for redevelopment have actually diluted the very purpose of Cluster Redevelopment. Builders who have consumed FSI as 11 in the Island city by adding ghost tenants to the list of occupants also are the culprits for stopping the process of cluster redevelopment. Architect Premnath and Hafeez Contractors including some of foreign consulting firms along with MMRDA have made deliberation and recommended very highly to have cluster redevelopment. TCS and many such other research houses wants immdiate action on cluster redevelopment.
Tenants, landlords, politicians, authorities, BMC, Mantralaya, Chief Minister, MCHI and all the concern people are interested but God alone knows why we have not yet started cluster redevelopment.
We have seen skyscrappers changing Old Mumbai’s sky lines with stand alone buildings. One builder claiming 360 degree see view and another project cut it short by only 45 degree of it in very month of booking. Refunds are deducted 15% on entire amount and that too after six months promised. Serious breach of trust happening in Old Mumbai. Since there so many cooks to cook the food, we need a Nodel agency to handle all the corners of cluster redevelopment.

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