Complaints against builders will be displayed on website: ED

To reduce irregularities in realty deals the state environment department has taken a robust action against builders, it has started showing complaints against builders and action taken against them on its own website.
According to the Valsa Nair-Singh, secretary of environment department, “if there will be any single file or complaint against realtors with the concern of environment department on higher priority basis are posted on official website.”
It has been made obligatory by the Environment Impact Assessment Notification 2006 for developers first have to get clean chit from the environmental department and then start constructing any plot which is spread over 20, 000 sq meters. Clearance from Ministry of environment and forest (MoEF) is mandatory for any upcoming projects which is costing Rs. 50 crore or more than this or consuming 50, 000 or more 1,000 or more residents Nair-Singh added.

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  1. sir my name is mlind and builder official name of his construction name is s.k. enterprises builder name is ramanlal and the orignal property is on my father name vijay keer and the builder is doing a fraud and not giving a rent amount of last one and half year and reason not disclosed and after some time said your fathers relation brother is giving me a letter so thats why i am not giving u a amount so please help us because the real property is on my fathers name and my fathers are not now ( died ) so provide the necessary information to me 

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