Completion of the final property tax bills by September : BMC

By Accommodation Times Bureau

The new final property tax bils is all set to release by the month of September. The final tax bill
is a computerized system and is going to get used to dispatch refund cheques.

The final property tax bill is been calculated according the newly implemented capital value
based system that was approved in June. This time abandoning earlier system of general tax
coding now BMC is using property-wise coding, it will be better in accounting wise.

Again conditionally the bill will be erroneous for residential and office complexes which are
after 2010 as they have to pay property tax balance from April 2010 in present financial year. It
is in favourable for older buildings .i.e before 2010 as these buildings receiving provisional bills,
the final bill we be adjusted to reflect the outstanding or to the new system.

A special notice will also receive of property‘s capital value by the owners. 21 days will be given
to citizens to raise objections regarding the bill. Civic body too is working in order that citizens
pay the bill on time.

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