Condonation plans for co-operative housing societies: Noida

By Accommodation Times Bureau

The hopes of individual flats owners in co-operative group housing societies in Noida Authority have been raised in terms of penalty paying for late registration in cases where original owners of flats are no longer traceable after the sale of properties. The Noida Authority three months back issued a notice to flat owners to pay penalties and stamp duties from the date on which flats had been transferred.

According to stamp department officials there are many cases where original owners are no longer traceable to pay the fine. The plan offering absolution for such owners would be presented for the approval of the state govt. in a meeting with UP chief secretary.

As per the plan formulated by the stamp department a certain cut-off date will be decided in these cases from which it is should mandatory for individual to pay the fine at a rebate. The plan sets a certain time limit on these flats owners to register their properties.

Supreme Court had directed the flat owners in Noida to enter in tripartite agreements with Noida Authority and their respective housing societies within six months.  The court had set a deadline of 90 days for these flat owners to get their properties registered with stamp departments after paying penalties on a per day basis from the date since which transfer memorandums were executed.

Owners of man flats have refused to pay the penalties on behalf of previous owners who are no longer now accountable after execution of transfer memorandum. They have urged fro a proper procedure for cost sharing in terms of stamp duty and penalties. The final decision to bring about a change in policy to accommodate for the problems of these flat owners rest with the state government.

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