Conference on Delivery Management in Construction Sector by CII

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The Art & Science of managing the Dynamics

at the Workplace (delivery end)

Wednesday, 15 March 2017: Mumbai


India, is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has a great potential to grow in every

sector. Construction industry is the backbone of development and indicates healthy trend of a growing


Infrastructure building is very essential for a Country’s Economic growth and progress. Real Estate &

Housing is an integral part of this process. For many reasons, the housing construction lagged much

behind the needs of the population and even in whatever was built, the builders are holding unsold

inventories because the prices are unaffordable. The high input costs come primarily from Land,

Regulations, Government Taxes, Unsold Inventories, Marketing and Financing. The construction

aspects also fell short in terms of Cost, Time and Delivering Safety, Quality and specifications.

However in relation to the other things, construction was treated as less significant and hence not

given due attention which it should be.

With the initiatives now taken by the Government of India to incentivise and regulate this sector,

construction aspects will determine the Cost & Demand of Housing and thereby the Market share and

overall performance of the Companies. Those organisations which are currently delivering genuine

value to the customers, will excel and grow rapidly.



? Affordable housing projects granted infrastructure status

? Highest ever allocation to infrastructure development (INR 3.96 lakh crore)

? Reduction in holding period from 36 months to 24 months for long-term capital gains on

immovable properties

Construction Delivery — — —

In this scenario, managing construction at the workplace on a ‘Day to Day’ basis to drive Safety,

Quality, Adherence to Specifications, Cost and Time becomes very essential. Construction Engineers

need to understand the Dynamics of the work place and learn to manage them on Real time to

enhance deliveries on a day to day Basis. For improving the workplace management, CII Naoroji

Godrej Centre of Manufacturing Excellence is organising a one-day workshop on ‘Delivery

Management in Construction Sector’ on Wednesday, 15 March 2017 in Mumbai.

Knowledge & Skills are essential for Productivities & Outcomes but Deliveries happen only when

these find proper application at the workplace. So unlike most training sessions, this one does not aim

at enhancing the Trade Knowledge & Skills of the participants but instead attempts to bring an

awareness in them that unlike in Manufacturing; Projects & Construction are activities with high levels

of Uncertainties requiring a lot of Planning & Coordination on a daily basis. It will also equip the

participants with the techniques and processes for enhancing Applications (and thereby Deliveries)

with whatever quality of resources available. This workshop is not prescriptive, it encourages the

participants to use their Skills & Creativities to find solutions to issues at the work situations. All with

the single objective of enhancing the project deliveries and outputs for the day.


This Workshop will start with reviewing and understanding jointly with the participants, various

Construction Inputs – both Physical and Functional.

The next stage would be to understand the Dynamics of the Workplace and the ‘Causes & Effects’ as

a consequence of the Actions and Inactions during the Day.

The concluding part of the workshop will be touching certain Site based Processes & Activities for

Improving the quality of the resources for giving enhanced Results.

A brief introduction to a longer term External Intervention on the Site to achieve sustained and

enhanced Deliveries through Implementation workshop would also be discussed.

To achieve the objectives of the workshop (Improved Delivery Management) within the time frame of

one day, all activities of the building coming up in various phases of the Construction will not be

covered (although we can discuss as a few Case studies if participants will bring up something of their


The workshop will also demonstrate the Dynamics on the Initial Activity of Concrete Structure (which

is more challenging) and this approach and thought processes can then be extended to other phases

and items of the building project.


At the end of the workshop, the participants will be more aware and clear as to what influences

Deliveries & Outputs and the need for Planning, Coordination and Motivation for all the team players.

They will be able to deliver substantially more with relatively lesser efforts.

The organisations will stand to benefit since Higher Productivities & Project outcomes consistently

would mean stepped up performance and growth. Improvements in Construction is not only going to

reduce its Cost and time and bring credibility in terms of safety, quality and Workmanships but

indirectly, this will favourably influence other aspects like financing, marketing, customer satisfaction,

branding and so on.


? It will help you to minimise the cost by optimum utilization of available resources

? It will reduce irrational approaches, duplication of works and inter departmental


? It will certainly encourage an innovation as well as creativity among the construction


? It will provide competitive strength to the enterprise

? It will also lead to “maximum production at least cost”. A good construction management,

results in completion of a construction project with in the stipulated budget

? It will provide an importance for optimum utilization of resources. In other words, it help

you for the completion of a construction project with judicious use of available resources

? It will also offer your organisation the necessary leadership to motivate the employees

which is quite required for completing the difficult tasks, well in time and it will also help you to

extract potential talents of the employees

? It is extremely beneficial to the society as the effective and efficient management of

construction projects will avoid, Costs Rise, Wastage of Time & Resources, Unlawful

Exploitation of Labour and Pollution of Environment


? Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Technical Officers and Senior


? Architectures

? Civil Engineers

? Front Line Engineers

? Project Engineers & Project Managers

? Supervisors

? Site Managers

? Site Engineers, Safety Officials, Site Management Officials

? Consultants and Advisors


Ramesh Mohan Matta has 40 years of experience in Projects & Construction – 7 years in Engineers

India Limited and 33 years in Larsen & Toubro Limited. His last three years in L&T as an Internal

Consultant for their Building & Factories Division, helped them to achieve an annual turnover in

excess of Rs 20,000 crores.

From 2016 onwards — Outside L&T, Mr Matta’s engagements as an Independent Consultant –

? With the Academic Institutes in Construction and Project Management — – as Visiting Faculty

for students and as Trainer for Executive Education programmes of Practising professionals.

? With Construction companies in conducting Operational Improvement Workshops on Sites for

the Front line Engineers and Supervisors and Site Management Staff and also in structuring

Site based Skill Training of Workmen.

? Undertaking External interventions and Short term Consultancies for Operational

Improvements on Projects. Enhancing Productivities and Turn arounds (Cycle times). This

involves Joint studies with the Stake Holders, deciding on Improvements to be targeted

followed by drawing Implementation plans with time frames linked to an Organisation matrix

to be built from within the Site personnel.

Presently as an Independent Consultant, he also offers Operational Improvement Interventions in

Construction for all Sectors including Buildings, Transportation, Thermal, Hydro Power, Hydro Carbon

and so on.

He is conducting many Interactive Training Workshops to the Front Line Engineers and Supervisors,

this is being done for the Project Management / Infrastructure Sector.

Ramesh Mohan Matta graduated from Regional Engineering College, Warangal (now NIT) in 1974 in

First Class with Distinction. He has a flair for both Technical and Management areas and got an

admission into the MBA programmes at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, (IIM – Bangalore)

and Xavier School of Management Jamshedpur (XLRI-Jamshedpur).

Dates / Schedule of Sessions : 15 March 2017

Registration 09:00 am to 09:30 am

Sessions 09:30am to 05:00pm

Venue :

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), CII Naoroji Godrej Centre of Manufacturing Excellence, Godrej Station-

Side Colony, Opp Railway Station, Vikhroli (East), Mumbai – 400 079

Participation Fees (on non-residential basis)

Type of Organisation Fees per Participant

CII Members (Large and Medium) Rs 7,500/- (+ Service Tax as applicable)

CII SSI Members Rs 5,500/- (+ Service Tax as applicable)

Non Member Companies Rs 9,000/- (+ Service Tax as applicable)

Fees include participation, course material (hard copies), working lunch and tea / coffee / breakfast.

Advance payment of fees is to be drawn in favour of “Confederation of Indian Industry”.


5% on 2 nominations from an organization.

10% on 3 or more nominations from an organization.

Participation fees is non-refundable/ non-adjustable against any other programme of CII, but

change in nomination(s) is accepted.

Registration: Prior registration for participation by the sponsoring companies is necessary.

Maximum admissions will be limited to 20 only.

Certificate of Participation will be given to all participants who will attend the workshop fully.

Nominations & Enquiries: Swapnil Pednekar

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

CII Naoroji Godrej Centre of

Manufacturing Excellence Tel : (022) 2574 5146 / 5148

Godrej Station-Side Colony Mobile : 09969418823

Opp Railway Station, Vikhroli (East) Email : /

Mumbai – 400 079

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