Conference on Green Building Development Process

Conference on

Green Building Compliances
Rules |Process

Day and Date : 9th Sept 2010, Time : 1.30 pm to 6.30 pm
MCHI Conference, 4th Floor, Maker Bhavan II, Marinlines, Mumbai

Overview: Green Building and LEED certification is now compulsory. It is the future of real estate development process and methods. Government of India have already formulated the compliances for green building concept. Corporate are looking for LEED certified buildings. Its just not compliances but a trend as well to have green building. We save not only in construction but also recurring outgoing thereafter are also saved. Carbon Credits are generated and for years we reap the harvest in international market. The conferences will highlight compliances, rules, trends and process of Green Building development process.

Content :

1. Compliances for Green Building Development Process: Under the guidelines established by Government of India, Green Building Council’s specifications, norms and rules.

2. Carbon Credits : Generation of carbon credits, trading and exchange formalities in international market.

3. Practice and Trend in Green Building Concept: Case studies, international trends and LEED certification process.

4. Solar Energy and its implementation in Green Building Development Process: Solar Power and renewable energy methods and mechanism and application.

Fees : Rs.2750/- plus service tax.

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