Construction of Hotels or Resorts inside National Parks

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Resorts and hotels are not allowed to be constructed inside National Parks and protected parks. As per the proviso under Section 33 of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972, no construction of commercial tourist lodges, hotels, zoos and safari parks shall be undertaken inside a Sanctuary except with the prior approval of the National Board for Wildlife. By virtue of Section 35 (8) of the said Act, this provision is applicable to the National Parks also.

As per the information provided by the Government of Karnataka, ‘Jungle Lodges and Resorts’, a Government of Karnataka undertaking, owns resort at Kyathadebara Gudi in the Biligiri Ranganna Hills Sanctuary and at Bheemeshwari in Cauvery Sanctuary. In addition, tented accommodations (10 tents each) have been established by the Tourism Department in 7 Wildlife Sanctuaries and 1 National Park in the State. The details of these tented accommodation is given in Annexure.

The implementation of the provisions of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 is the responsibility of the State Government. The State Government of Karnataka has conveyed that the accommodation is run by Jungle Lodges and Resorts for awareness and education purposes and that there is no private participation in the management of any of the said lodges and resorts.


List of tented accommodation (10 tents each) established by the Tourism Department in Sanctuaries and National Parks in Karnataka

Gopinatham in Cauvery Sanctuary
Mothodi in Bhadra Sanctuary
Bhagawativally in Kudremukh Sanctuary
Seetanadi in Someshwara Sanctuary
Anejhari in Mookambika Sanctuary
Sacrebayle in Shettihalli Sanctuary
Kulgi in Dandeli Sanctuary
Anshi in Anshi National Park

This information was given by the Minister of State for Environment and Forests (independent charge) Shrimati Jayanthi Natarajan in a written reply to a question by Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar in Rajya Sabha on 9th Aug 2011.

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