Consumer Redressal charged Rs.50k to developer for handing late possession

By Accommodation Times (
On this Wednesday the Mumbai Suburban District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum has charged to a builder Rs50, 000 to a flat owner as compensation for delaying in handing over the possession of flat.
The forum said that in Mumbai like city minimum house rent is Rs.5, 000, it also said that flat buyer was also paying the interest of home loan. The forum observed that due to the delay in handing over possession of the flat, the complainant (buyer) suffered financial loss and the opposite party (builder) had to compensate for this.
Suhas Vaishmayappan had filed the complaint against the builder Soni and Associates and its head Dilip Hariyani. Vaishmayappan bought a flat from the builder in April 2004 for Rs 12.02 lakh. As it has mentioned in the deed that flat possession is to be hand over in June 2004 to Vaishmayappan. However, he didn’t receive the possession in the mentioned month whereas finally it has been handed over to him in Feb. 2005. Vaishmayappan said that he has suffered due to the delay in possession on the other hand he has also paying installments of home loan to bank.

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