Conveyance to Societies

By Murari Chaturvedi

The issue of giving conveyance to societies has become hot, specifically in big layouts. It is injustice to the flat purchasers who pay the entire price of the flat to the builder and stamp duty and registration charges to the government and yet they are deprived of conveyance of the land. In Mumbai there are thousands of such buildings. Even after paying all the monies to them, they are not getting the conveyance.
In big layouts, where several buildings are planned, conveyance to the individual society buildings, which are complete and people are staying, conveyance is not given. This should end. On the part of the builder or developer, he can initiate this process by getting the land sub-divided and the building on this subdivided land should be given the conveyance. For this the developer, who is developing a complex, should mention in the sale agreement about the land on which the building has come up, clearly demarcating the size of the plot in the complex. The plot in the complex should be bifurcated accordingly but there is no clarity about this aspect. It maybe the greed for FSI that prevents them from doing so.
A flat purchaser has exhausted all his monies and have taken a loan of the flat is clearly entitled for the clear cut mandate about his flat. For the separated plot in the complex on which society has been formed, it must be made mandatory to have a property card which is registered in the name of the society. It is a well known fact that a citizen purchases his flat with all his savings and is committed for a further 15-20 years to repay the loan he has taken to purchase the flat he is living in. The government should come out with clear cut provisions for the society to get the conveyance and separate 7/12 extract including property card and register it. This is possible and within the law to get the conveyance to which the society is entitled. The government should come all out in this direction and make it simple for the flat purchaser’s society to have the conveyance.

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2 thoughts on “Conveyance to Societies

  1. I agree with you. Once the builder has collected his entire dues, there should be a provision for a automatic registration of the society and the land on which the building has come-up should be transferred to the society
    Further all future rights and rewards inrespect of the land/building should rest soley with the society

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