Creating ‘their own world’ for the little ones

By Pallavii Pitale

When planning the space for the kids, it is absolutely must to look at things from their eyes. Especially during the early years, which are the fundamental years, the development of the child is very rapid, they learn and grasp quickly too. Exposure to variety of knowledge is a must during these fundamental years.

In order to develop the child in most positive way, it is not only the love, affection and attention that the child requires the most,. but the space, the child lives in also promotes the imagination, creativity of the child and provides a lot of physical as well as emotional comfort.
The Room : One needs to ensure that the room is airy with enough sunlight . A very dingy and dull room can impart similar dullness on the mind of the kids. A room with bright sunlight can very well enliven the spirit of the kids. Ensure on the cross ventilation of the room if possible / feasible.

Space planning : For every child, a study table or a table top, a bed, storage space for the clothes as well as school stuff and special space for toys should be provided. A lot of open space also should be there in the room for the child to play around.
If the rooms are really large then various themes can be worked out in order to create an interest in the space. With the kids between the age group of 5-7years, too many levels in the floor or in the furniture must be avoided in order to avoid small accidents if any. Interesting levels can be created for kids with the age group of 7-14 years. Which is thoroughly enjoyed by the kids in this age group.

Themes : for the kids upto 7 years, the suitable themes for the rooms could be the cartoon characters, jungle, house and fence, fairy tales, doll house, rain, rainbow mushrooms and many. As the child develops the taste about certain characters, action heroes, subjects, certain environments, certain people, colours and materials, the age group beyond 7 yrs upto 14 yrs can definitely have Kid’s own peferences regarding materials and themes.

Floors, Walls and Ceilings : The floor : floor in the room as well as in the toilet ( if attached )should not be made up of a material which tends to be slippery when comes in contact with water. Granite, Highly polished marble, highly glazed tiles on the floor can be dangerous for the kids. Instead one can go for wooden flooring, carpeted floor, tiles with anti- skid finish, natural stone with moderate polish etc. Toilets must have the tiles with anti- skid surface on the floor.

The walls : Walls in the toilet can have beautiful cartoons or plants, butterflies and sun, animals and fishes, mermaids, rain and clouds made with tiles or in paint, depending upon the theme and the child’s liking. The room walls should be painted in such a way that some of the part is painted in bright colours and some part is balanced in neutral colours. The preferable surface for the rooms with kids in the age group up to 7 years can be washable wallpapers on the walls. Such wallpapers can be easily maintained clean by wiping them occasionally with soap and water. For the kids above 7-8 yrs, the walls can be painted in acrylic emulsions which also can be maintained easily by wiping them clean with soap and water solution.

The Ceiling : The ceiling in the kid’s room can be made very interesting. It can be converted into a night sky with stars, it can be used to hang various items depending upon the theme in the room. It can also be made into interesting elements as per the design of the room.

The colours: There can be a difference when selecting a colour for a boy’s room or a girl’s room. The colours suitable for the Boy’s room could be blue, dark blue, tones of green and orange. The colours suitable for the Girl’s room could be shades of pink, fuschia, lavender, peach, yellow etc.
A moderate use of Red, Purple can work wonders if used rightly.

The furniture: General furniture like Bed, Study table, wardrobe, Toy rack, Chair is a must along with special dresser made for the girl with enough storage for her hair pins, clips, laces, ribbons and other hair and make up accessories.
The boy’s room may require additional store for keeping toys like cars, bikes, games, guitars, cricket accessories etc.
Kids who love reading must be encouraged by making a book rack especially for books of their choice. All the furniture must be without sharp edges and corners or such edges must be rounded in order to avoid accidents in the room.

Decorations and Accessories : The Boy’s room can have stickers or paintings of their favourite cartoon characters, Automobiles. The bedspreads, linen also can be matched with the theme of the room which would give the appropriate look where as laces, soft curtains, borders, frills, fabrics with motifs like butterflies, flowers, animals can be used for girl’s room.

Overall ambience of the room : The room should appear cheerful n bright with lots of space to move around. Basic necessities of the child must be taken care of. Your little angel would surely love being in his / her own world.

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