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By Dr Niranjan Hiranandani, Founder & MD- Hiranandani Group

The Thane Municipal Corporation has become the first civic authority in the country to introduce the concept of happiness index (HI). The TMC, recently, allotted an amount of Rs 100 crore to improve the happiness index of its citizens. Thane, known as Mumbai’s twin city has emerged as a preferred destination for the real estate players in terms of residential and commercial offerings.

The United Nations General Assembly, on June 28, 2012, adopted March 20 as the International Day of Happiness for the significance; as it is the day of the March equinox. On the International Day of Happiness, Hiranandani Group thought it would be fitting to share the message of ‘H for Happiness’. As they say home is not a place, it’s a feeling. A feeling of warmth, familiarity, security, and memories garnered through generations, all bonding together into one very strong emotion called ‘happiness’. In fact, at the Hiranandani Group, we may add that home is where our ‘happiness’ stories begin.

When a homebuyer hunts for a dream home at the new location to live or rent, they really look for space where they can feel happy. Happiness quotient lies in day to day convenient lifestyle which a Hiranandani mixed-used integrated township model provides to its esteemed residents.

For years seen to be the sister city of Mumbai, Thane has now evolved into the prime destination for luxury real estate. At the turn of the Millennium, it was positioned as a mid-range housing destination. Today, it has evolved into the discerning expatriate Indian home seeker’s first choice for Uber homes, which re-define luxury real estate.

Being the first civic authority in the country to introduce the concept of happiness index (HI), the thrust of this year’s allocation of Rs 100 crore by the TMC will focus on health, education and environment under the happiness index for the year 2019-2020. Apart from improving the livability conditions, the HI is meant to help the residents lead happier lives.

For the home seeker looking out for an ideal real estate offering to call ‘home’, Thane’s high-end homes offer amenities and facilities on par with those in plush residential locales the world-over. Across different high-end projects, Thane’s luxe homes offer exacting international standards. Premium super luxury home seekers can choose from different ‘Palatial Living’ option in Thane. The options of high-end homes across different projects are set to enhance Thane’s status as not just a high-end real estate destination, but an Uber luxury destination for palatial homes – and happiness is included in this.

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