CREDAI Maharashtra Initiating State- Wide Survey


By Accommodation Times Bureau

CREDAI Maharashtra is going to initiate a far-flung survey across the state,
attempting to understand the real estate market. The survey aims at presenting a
city wise statistics to the developers.

Shantilal Kataria, President, CREDAI Maharashtra, shared the information that the
survey will focus on total availability of flats, shops and offices, how much of it is
sold or unsold, their s

izes, types, ticket sizes and the construction stage etc. He
further added that the survey will be conducted in 50 important cities and will be
completed in 3 months.
"This will help to understand exact situation of supply and demand in each city
which will help developers to avoid potential business threats. This exercise will
help the developers to understand what to construct and what is in demand that will
sell. It will also check-on non-registered projects and un-authorized projects," said
The expert team of Survey and Development committee of CREDAI Maharashtra
will carry out the survey. The team will carry on most realistic, comprehensive,

broad and authentic survey. The statistics of the survey will help government to
understand demand supply market of the 50 cities in future conclusions.

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