CREDAI – MCHI Procurement forum to come up with cost-effective products

By Rohit Sharma


CREDAI-MCHI to serve all the prominent stake-holders of Real – Estate Industry, Encompassing Member Developers, Construction Industry Players, Government Bodies, State Government, Consumers And Allied Industry Players has come up with Procurement Forum to help each other in the industry.

Mumbai developers and allied industry players will come under one roof to discuss a wide range of products and services. However, it will help both buyers as well as the sellers.

The Procurement Forum is the meeting point of stakeholders to discuss, share, learn from one another, get a better understanding of procurement issues and improve public procurement practices.

Shabbir Kachwala, Sr VP, K Raheja says, “The CREDAI – MCHI Procurement Forum aims to create a study of collaborative efforts of individuals and all real estate developers to have right platform for innovation, collective information of materials and exchange of new techniques and technology which will be more fruitful for effective procurement.”

What is Agenda of the forum?

  • Volume-based Sourcing
  • Strategic Procurements for major materials
  • Use of new procurement Technology
  • Global Sourcing and Cost Impact due to stronger USD
  • Inventory Management
  • Strategic Alliance with Vendors
  • Risk Management
  • Generating value beyond saving
  • Supplier compliance
  • Digitalization of the procurement process
  • Centralized Procurement Vs Decentralized Procurement
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Supplier-driven innovation

The advantage of the forum can be avail by only members of CREDAI – MCHI and it is yet to decide for all the developers, a source said.

Hetal Joshi, Executive Director, Radius Developers said, “Procurements has become the backbone of the construction industry as the volume of projects are increasing. The purchase is a no longer conventional process, of taking quotation and placing an order as and when basis.”

The Process has evolved and involves taking initiative from the design and planning stage to researching and sourcing. This helps in optimizing the material cost at the initial stage and in turn help in arriving at efficient project cost, he added.

When asked about the debris issue, the official from the forum who did not wish to be named said, “There is some relief from the Supreme Court, but still waiting for a clear image.”

It is also said that forum will have the rating system for the vendor.

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