Crusade against Corruption

By Murari Chaturvedi

Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption has rattled the government at centre. The result is that a weak draft of Lokpal bill is cleared, but is not acceptable to the civil society activist Anna Hazare. He said that the corrupt would not be afraid of Lokpal and the poor would never get justice. The corruption is affecting the common man most in his daily life. It is know to all that corruption is crippling the society fabric and the number of harrassed persons are increasing. Modus operandi of the various government and municipal departments, is to harrass a person to the hilt, so that he coughs up kickbacks. At rationing offices the masses suffer untold hardships. The plight of persons living in slums is worst. The middle class and economically weaker sections of the society need food and other provisions at lowest rates. They need ration card to get them but to get a ration card from rationing office without bribing is impossible. In Mumbai there are more then 20,000 co-operative housing societies and much more in Maharashtra. Every person living in them knows the whoopingly corrupt staff and tauts rule these offices. The modus operandi is the same-harrass the person to the hilt. Without greasing the palms of the clearks and officers, their just matter will not be looked in. Building proposal and taxation department of BMC and all other civic bodies have become hot beds for corruption. The revenue department’s offices like that of Talati, Tehsildar and district lavel officers are nightmeres to deal with.
The story is same everywhere and the newspapers are full of them that to get your legitimate work done you need bags of money to part to them. Hazare’s crusade has opened the the pandora’s box of worms. He must be supported by the public to bring extensive reforms in all the government departments specifically dealing with the masses directly or indirectly. Corruption can be takled by removing unnecessary hardships. Reform process must start with the simplification of the tedious and outdated rules and procedures. Often the rules and procedures of one department is diagonally opposite to that of other department and hence there is hardly any co-ordination between them. If the procedures are simplified in context of the changing circumstances, the government and the authorities will be doing the great service to the society. Anna Hazare’s crusade must work as the clarion call to us all to fight corruption at all levels.

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