DDA notifies applicable charges for change land use

By Accommodation Times  Bureau


The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has notified the applicable charges to vide Notification for allowing permitted changed land-use in industrial plots, as residential (GH)/ commercial/ hospital.

The Central Government by way of modifications in the Master Plan 2021 has already permitted residential use, (Group Housing) on any existing industrial unit(s)/plots with a minimum area of 3000 sqm abutting road 24 mtr.

ROW and above as a part of re-development, for optimal utilization of the land and to extend the benefit to the plot owners. On such plots, 1.5 times FAR of the permissible FAR of group housing is permitted as well as an amalgamation of smaller industrial plots and sub-division of larger plots as prescribed for group housing in MPD-2021 and Unified Building Bye-Laws 2016.

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