DDA’s biggest housing scheme receives less number of applicants

By Accommodation Times News Services

dda logoDelhi Development Authority (DDA) received very low number of applicants for its biggest housing scheme 2014, with 25,034 flats on offer, the number of people applied for the homes till now till now, is low compared to last scheme and in comparison to the expected figure.

DDA launched its last in 2010, in which about 16,000 flats were on offer and the number of applications that came was 7.4 lakh. In this scheme, while the number of flats is much more, the number of applications received till date is just 92,000, this is very much small figure to match up to 2010.

As per the DDA officials, the decrease in number of applicants might be due to the clause of a five year lock-in period introduced for the first time. As the clause, says that the buyer of flats wouldn’t be registered in the name of the allottee till five years from the date of possession. DDA has applied the clause to make sure the genuine home seekers purchase flats, who want to live in their allotted flats and do not purchase for investment purpose.

“we have observed that people who want to get a DDA flat only for investment purposes are keeping away from applying as most people do not want to park their money for five years,” said the official.

Officials have says that there cold be also one more reason that 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats are rare in the scheme. Though the total number of flats is the biggest offered by DDA ever, major flats are 1 BHK that are 22,627 flats. Number of three bedroom flats is just 21 and that of two bedroom flats is 561. Officials say this is perhaps the reason why the middle class flat aspirant is not showing much interest in the housing scheme.

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