Declining rental housing have created more slums

By Accommodation Times News Services

murari sir 2With dried up rental housing, the slums are fast increasing in the country. The government policies that affect rental housing markets have dried up the supply of rental housing. Some are intended to correct real or imagined deficiencies in rental housing markets. Some are intended to protect particular groups from the normal implications. Some have non-housing goals and affect housing in indirect and unforeseen ways, still some have no rational basis. The government have long recognised housing as the fundamental right of the citizens. It is also known to everyone that there is big gap of housing supply, then why something concrete is not being done this national need. Slums are created solely because people can’t afford to purchase their homes on ownership basis. But they can shift in rental housing projects, if it is available. The rental housing market in India forms about 30 per cent of all the dwelling in urban India. However, this figure has the potential to be much larger even with current level of housing stock. Modern Rent Control Law by the central government was passed in 1992. This was to be adopted by different states but at this juncture, apart from Maharashtra and Rajasthan nothing has been done with regard to reforming the existing laws, some states have exempted most tenements from the preview of Rent Control Act. It is right step in right direction imagine rental accommodation of around 300 sq ft is fetching Rs. 25 per month in Mumbai. Even some spacious flats in Marine Drive area fetching rents at Rs. 250 or so per month. The quantum of rents that can be charged varies from state to state in terms of the method of calculation of the standard rent. But the basic concept should be to provide rental accommodation to the persons living in slums. These people who have no great monies and cannot afford to purchase smallest housing unit. They need the basic minimum space of 300 sq. ft. The government should come forward and create such rental units in all the states and provide accommodation to the slum dwellers.

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