Deemed Conveyance = A Fiction

By Accommodation Times News Service

By Adv. Hemant Agarwal


Successive State Govt., has consistently wished to transform India’s Mumbai into China’s Shanghai, irrespective of the fact, that Mumbai has umpteen number of near-probable legal slums with G+2 tin structures, alongwith the highest building of averaging 40 floors, housing maybe about 200 flats, with documented malfunctioning and falling elevators (Lifts).

Shanghai, on the other hand has 125 floor buildings with high-speed incident-free elevators. One another 220 floor building in the City of “Changsha”, in Hunan-China, when completed would house 30,000 people.

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One thought on “Deemed Conveyance = A Fiction

  1. “….by propagating and granting autonomous status, to Cooperative Societies, under the 97th Constitutional Amendment.”
    It is anybody’s guess, really too confusing to be understood by anyone trying to read and make out on his own, what the purported implications of the 97th Amendment really are. Anyway, that “the amendment grants an autonomous status to co-operative societies” seems to convey nothing even in substance. The writer is expected to reapply his mind and clarify what he sought to convey !

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