Dehradun Smart City: REPL appointed as Project Management Consultants

By Accommodation Times Bureau

Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority (MDDA) on Monday awarded the Project Management Consultancy (PMC) assignment to Delhi based firm, REPL (Rudrabhishek Enterprises Ltd.). The agreement was signed in Dehradun by the CEO – DSCL, Dilip Jawalkar, IAS, and Harish Sharma, Chief Business Officer & Operations of REPL.

Dehradun’s area-based development (ABD) envisions to retrofit and redevelop 875 Acres centred on CBD of Dehradun and transform into a light-house for the city and to showcase as a smart neighbourhood.

The REPL will design, develop and manage Smart City Project. The project will be monitored & controlled by the SPV, Dehradun Smart City Ltd (DSCL). REPL will assist the DSCL in various phases of project implementation which will include the activities such as preparation of DPR, coordination with various appointed consultants, project prioritization & phasing, preparing capital investment plan, implementation roadmap, conducting a feasibility study, bid process management for a selection of implementing agencies, and overall project management.

“We are already working as project management consultants for smart cities of Varanasi, Kanpur and Indore. Within Uttarakhand also, we are working on projects related to planning, GIS and infrastructure. Our combined understanding of the region and also the nature of assignment will help us in smoothly executing the project”, Pradeep Misra, CMD of REPL said.

The ABD will focus on areas such as, rejuvenation of cluttered market spaces in city core through compact mixed-use built forms and pedestrianisation of market looped with parking facilities for enhanced walkability; Recreation of urban green ; sustainable and environment friendly public transport, intelligent traffic & parking management, transport planning interventions and MLCPs for better urban mobility. Core infrastructure will be strengthened and heritage structures will be restored as per colonial architecture. The project will also entail all the other essential components of a smart city, including smart security; solid waste management; vibrant infotainment hub etc.

Harish Sharma, Chief Business Officer & Operations of REPL said, the emphasis will be on environmental sustainability, economic vibrancy, smart mobility, use of technology for proactive governance and similar other dimensions that increase the ease of living while paving ways for greater development.

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