Delhi and Bangalore, the most preferred cities to live in India.…

By Pallavii Pitale.
A recent worldwide survey of the cities based on the quality of living, has revealed that Indian cities have improved their ranking than their earlier one. As per the ranking, Delhi and Bangalore are the top Indian cities to live in. Mumbai falls being the third one. Chennai has fallen in ranking compared to the earlier year.
Singapore on the 28th ranking is the first Asian preferred city followed by Tokyo on no.40.
The European cities have continued to dominate the market. The survey ranks Vienna as the top ranked city in the world. After Vienna , Zurich and Geneva are on the 2nd and 3rd rank respectively. London falls on no.39. In American subcontinent, Vancouver is on the 4th rank in the world with Ottawa on 14th,Toronto on 16th,and Montreal on 21st ,Honolulu on the 31st,San Fransisco on 32nd, Boston on 37th, Chicago, Washigton on 45th and New York is on 49th rank.
In Asia pacific region, Auckland remains at no. 4, Sydney at no.10, Wellington at 12th ,Melbourne at 18th and Perth at 21st.
In the middle east and Africa, Dubai, ranked 75th and Mauritius ranked 82 are the best cities to live in.
Baghdad is ranked last on the 221st position as the least preferred city to live in the world.
The survey also reveals the “greenest cities” of the world.
Calgary, Honolulu , Ottawa, Helsinki, Wellington, Minneapolis, Adelaide, Copenhagen , Kobe, Oslo and Stockholm are amongst the first 10 green cities of the world.

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