Delhi Forms STF to remove encroachments

By Accommodation Times Bureau


It has been noticed that there are some violations of building bye-laws and provisions of Master Plan for Deihl – 2021 relating to, inter-ea, construction activities and land use in Delhi. Besides, the problem of illegal constructions and encroachments including on public lands, parking spaces, roads, pavements, etc. has also come to notice. It seems there is lack of coordination among various agencies and timely & effective action by such authorities entrusted with the task of ensuring compliance with the provisions of the applicable Acts, Rules & Regulations in this regard.

In view of the above, a Special Task Force to comprehensively address the aforementioned issues and to oversee the enforcement of provisions of MPD-2021 and the Unified Building Bye-laws.

– Objectives of STF:

• Identify encroachments on Government land in different localities of NCT Delhi and to reclaim the encroached Government land;

• Suggest course of action to the Government of India with respect to the unauthorised colonies of NCT, Delhi and regular follow-up till its resolution;

• Oversee the effective and proper enforcement of the applicable laws by the local bodies particularly with respect to use violation and unauthorised construction;

• Monitor action taken by the local bodies with respect to the use violations and unauthorised construction;

• Identify the areas of congestions of traffic in different parts of NCT, Delhi and suggest measures to remedy the same to the local bodies and other agencies;

• See that the traffic management strategies are devised and implemented with or without consultation with traffic experts, planners and the Unified Traffic & Transportation Infrastructure (Plg. & Engg.) Centre (UTTIPEC);

• Oversee compliance of fire safety measures and disaster management requirements particularly, in schools, colleges, hospitals etc.

• The STF may modify/add any other object which is in line with improvement of habitat in Delhi.

– Role & Functions of STF:

• Direct the local bodies to ensure that all the layout plans, local area plans are being taken up by the concerned local bodies with respect to infrastructure provisions, parking, traffic management and also all the statutory approvals are obtained in a time bound manner.

• Direct the local bodies to ensure that the layout plans are prepared in coordination with all the service providing agencies.
• Direct the service providing agencies to ensure that all the relevant data required for assessment and augmentation of various facilities are provided in a time bound manner.

• Direct the local bodies to ensure monitoring of any unauthorized construction, misuse of land, encroachment on public land and any other irregularities observed which is not in conformity with the provisions of the Master Plan or any other prevailing law.

• Ensure that Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) shall take up formation of a unified and integrated web portal wherein all the complaints/issues within an area may be recorded which shall be reviewed by the STF in its meetings. In case, any problem is faced by local bodies or there are any ambiguity or differential norms in the Master Plan, the same shall be brought to the knowledge of the STF and if required, after discussions and deliberations, the necessary amendments may be suggested to be carried out in the Master Plan taking into consideration the ground realities.

• Direct the local bodies and the Traffic Police for preparation of Management Plan (Circulation, Parking) in consultation with the local bodies and the RWAs/Traders Associations.

• Direct the local bodies and the traffic police to remove the road blocks of any nature to ease the flow of traffic.

• Direct the local bodies and the Delhi Police to clear encroachments on footpaths, pavements, under passes and other public areas.

• Direct the local bodies and the Delhi Police to remove encroachment from Green areas of Delhi and other public places.
• Propose action against the erring officials in case any local body fairs to adhere/act on their responsibilities.

• Direct the local bodies to submit the details of the Actual Site Position to the Committee on 25th of every month outlining violations if any and show cause notice issued along with the course of actions to be taken as per the law.

• Direct the local bodies to launch public awareness campaigns about following the Master Plan norms and municipal laws particularly with respect to uses of properties and construction within the sanctioned limit.

• Suggest measures for better co-ordination amongst the local bodies, Delhi Police, DDA and the GNCTD to ensure that there is no crisis in enforcement.

• Direct the local bodies to provide its field staff with GPS enabled cameras to take photographs and videos of violations and to take them as evidence for action against such violation.

• Direct the local bodies to obtain GPS co-ordinates of different localities showing the extent of constructed area so that any fresh construction which is taking place may be checked to ensure whether the same is in accordance with law.

5. The STF shall meet at least once every month. The monthly report of the STF will be sent to the Hon’ble LG, Delhi and Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Govt. of India. Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India will hold quarterly review meetings on the progress achieved and for reviewing the plans for future.

6. This issues with the approval of the competent authority.

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