Delhi Master plan exclude parking and other thing from calculation of FAR

Delhi Master PlanBy Accommodation Times Bureau

4. General features – free from FAR calculations.

4.1 Clause 8.10 of Building Bye Laws a. Architectural feature on ground or any other floor including rooftops as approved by sanctioning authority/ Delhi Urban Art Commission and Delhi Fire Service.

b. Architectural elements such as louvers, end wall projected upto 900mm, pergolas, other sun shade elements (referred in clause 7.1 of these bye laws) should be free from FAR and Ground Coverage.

c. Any architectural roof top structures would also be permitted free of FAR if not used for habitable or commercial purposes.

d. Building elements such as sky bridges and landscape terraces which are meant for community purposes only shall be permitted free of FAR

e. Services can be permitted on roofs with adequate screening for the same.

f. Service floor/s shall not be counted in FAR where maximum2.2m height at soffit level of beam and 2.7m height at soffit level of slab is permitted.

g. Service area on habitable floors – like HVAC,MEP installations, Janitor Rooms, AHU Room, Electric room, LT Room, CCTV room or any other similar services shall be considered free from FAR.

h. Atrium/ Atria at any floor (refer 1.4.9) shall be permitted in all high –rise buildings and commercial buildings (including low-rise). Atrium may be enclosed by light roofing or R.C.C as per development control norms provided in the Master Plan Delhi.

i. Entrance Lobby/Lobby area with minimum double height cubic content in high-rise building/s shall be permitted free from FAR in all the floors and shall be counted only once in the Ground Coverage and FAR calculation. Such entrance lobby/lobby area shall not exceed 3% of maximum permissible FAR. See 7.17.2 (r).

j. Scissor staircase would be permitted provided all travel distance and fire norms are adhered to.

k. Multilevel car parking with car lifts would be permitted with adequate fire safety.

l. Two or more number of dwelling units, except EWS Housing, adjoining horizontally or vertically shall be allowed to integrate by way of providing a door of 1.5m max. width or with an internal staircase of 0.9m.width and additional Lift without pit and machine room, subject to structural safety.

m. Podium(s)/Multistory Podium with tower above shall be permitted within setback lines. The vehicular movement and parking shall be within the podium(s) and shall be free from FAR and Ground coverage calculations. The podium(s)/Multistory podium shall be permitted subject to fire safety requirements of the bye laws. See 7.15. of BBL.

Basement: Basement shall not be counted towards FAR if used for purposes permissible under Building byelaws namely household storage and parking. Basement area shall not extend beyond the coverage on the ground floor as per permissible and sanctioned built up area, but may extend to the area below the internal courtyard and shaft. Basement if used in terms of Chapter 15.0. Mixed Use regulations shall count towards FAR and shall be liable to payment of appropriate charges, if it exceeds the permissible FAR. vii. Stilts: If the building is constructed with stilt area of non- habitable height (less than 2.4m), used for parking, such stilt area shall not be included in FAR but would be counted towards the height of the building. viii. Parking: Parking space shall be provided for within the residential plot as follows: a) 2 Equivalent Car Space (ECS) in plots of size 250-300 sq.m. b) 1 ECS for every 00 sq.m. built up area, in plots exceeding 300 sq.m., provided that, if the permissible coverage and FAR is not achieved with the abovementioned parking norms in a plot, the parking norms of the preceding category shall be allowed.

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