Details of Title deeds of the properties in Maharashtra to be online soon

Registration and Stamps department across Maharashtra plans to put the details and records of the title deeds and documents of all the registered commercial and residential properties, now online, for the convenience of the citizens. The State Chief information Commissioner ( SIC ) has recently directed an order to the department for putting up details of all the registered documents on department’s website, mentioning individual details like, name, date of registration, no. of registered documents and status of  various documents.

In the case if the order non complied , an applicant can approach the SIC and he shall get a compensation for the same, accordingly the Public Information Officer ( PIO ) shall be penalised for the non compliance.

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One thought on “Details of Title deeds of the properties in Maharashtra to be online soon

  1. I would like to know that the builder collects all the charges like Society formation, Electricity Meter, and One time Maintenances, and that he hands over the Society and even though he does not do concience deed to the purchaser/ Society… then as a owners has to approach after they come to know that they have to pay another few laks for conievence deed does the builder is right / taking the purchase big toss…………….

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