Developers can now build affordable house tenements in re-development projects

developers can build affordable housing






By Accommodation Times News Service

High court considering the state government amendments of housing policy has made mandatory for all the developers to build 20% additional small-sized apartments in their plots. The judgment clearly states that all the redevelopment projects which involve cessed buildings, housing board colonies, cluster schemes, slum rehabilitation and transit camps will no longer to require building smaller apartments. These are the projects where developers rehabilitate the existing occupants of the land on a portion of the plot while using the rest of the land as saleable component in the form of luxury residential project.

The court hearing the petition filed by DB Realty and few others developers will effectively exempt most new construction in Mumbai as the majorities are redevelopment schemes. Advocate General of Maharashtra Darrius Khambatta said, the state government will amend the policy regulation so that provision of inclusion housing shall not apply to projects under regulations. Another amendment in the policy is that instead of providing for inclusive housing in the same plot as their residential projects developers can construct it elsewhere within the same municipal ward.

The draft notice of the inclusive housing policy was first issued in February 2012. The draft notice was kept on hold for a year and half after the real estate body after MCHI seeking concession in the rules. When the final notification was last passed in November 2013, projects below 4,000 sq m were exempted form the rule.


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