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Rohtak is a known district which falls in the southeast of Haryana. Land rates in Rohtak and its surrounding areas, falling on the National Highway 1, have appreciated over the past few years. Indeed, they have doubled. The average price of residential property in Rohtak stands at Rs 10,000 a square yard whereas it was no more than Rs. 5,000 a square yard a year ago. The increasing demand for both the commercial and residential plots in Rohtak has given a strong push to the prices here; most of it has been caused by the turns in political power base to Rohtak.

A multitude of prominent property developers have brought large chunks of land for colonization that has led to a hike in property rates in Rohtak. For the purpose of housing development, Rohtak plots are much in demand because private property builders are yet to announce their projects, which are likely to command a steep premium.

The investments in Rohtak properties seem set to increase exponentially as prospective investors begin to feel compatible with the climate and look at broader range of the product types. Those who are buying the properties in Rohtak for resale are making the fast cash and are eagerly waiting to buy plots from private property developers at pre launch prices ranging between Rs. 4,000 and Rs. 6,000 a square yard which largely depends upon the location of property. However, the colonies to come up on National Highway No. 10 are in high demand.

The new government’s plans for the construction of housing and commercial sectors at Sampla falling between Bahadurgarh on Delhi border and Rohtak have also fuelled prices.

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