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vijaywadaBy Accommodation Times News Services

VIJAYAWADA: Ambapuram, the village where only coriander used to be cultivated until a couple of decades ago, is now a favourite destination for many real estate agents and, of course, the Vijayawada Guntur Tenali Mangalagiri – Urban Development Authority (VGTM-UDA).

During the 80s, land in Ambapuram never commanded a price more than Rs. 40,000 an acre. But, it now hovers around Rs. 2 crore an acre adjacent to 100-ft road and anywhere between Rs. 50 lakhs and Rs.70 lakhs an acre on Janmabhoomi road. Land prices in the village have skyrocketed in the near past for various reasons, including the fact that Ambapuram is very close to Ajit Singh Nagar which is in the limits of the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation and to Nainavaram where a flyover is fast coming up.


Thanks to Gollapudi Lift, the farmers of the village are able to cultivate two crops of paddy a year. But, all this has not been able to keep the farmers in a cheerful mood, ever since the UDA has come out with its proposal to acquire nearly 360 acres of land for developing a township.

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