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borivaliBy Accommodation Times News Service

Today we are witnessing development in almost all the fields be it banking, technology, infrastructure etc. when we particularly talk about infrastructural development Mumbai leads the way. It has always been recognized as the commercial and financial hub of the country. It has always been a home to most of the reputed Indian corporate brands leading financial institutions and multi- national companies. The island city is almost exhausted with realty expansion practically and geographically because of the already existing unorganized development and most importantly because of the unsolvable problem of limited land.

The remedy of this problem has been spillover to the outskirts of the city, commonly known as suburbs. The rapidly budding areas beyond Borivali are nothing but a natural extension of the almost saturated Mumbai. The growth in this region is on fast track due to many reasons and chiefly among them is being the freely available relatively less expensive land. The belt beyond Borivali, Dahisar which is also a part and parcel of the Mumbai is readily accepted as almost developed seeing in mind the availability of land as per the present law and regulations. Particularly picking up the area, the Mira- Bhayander belt was nothing 15 years back as the land was undeveloped and raw. But contrary to the present situation it has grown at a startling pace. The four track planning has made the entire suburbs belt significant. The place has been converted from being a Gram Panchayat to a Municipal Corporation. The population which was counted in thousands is now counted in lakhs. Growth is majority done on infrastructural all around the place- wide roads with proper street lights, schools; college’s places of religion altogether give a different identity to the region.

After Mira- Bhayander , the next very fast paced growth is lying form Naigaon to Palghar and Dahanu as again many developers and builders are coming up with there projects so to support the affordable housing. The time of small 4 storey buildings is gone, now there is multi storey building. The development process has started though.

The entire growth policy is under the new government policy of development of Special Economic Zones. (SEZ).The future plan is to dig out the burden of slums and develop the entire town a slum free and planned city. Almost half the plan is executed, as we can many redevelopments going on around.

The most of the area of the is under the roof for development by CIDCO which a favorable proposition to use their expertise and experience as they have done for years together to develop New Bombay. The next plan is after Bandra-Kurla Complex is to develop Kanjurmarg and Vasai and Virar region to be the next business districts.  Housing Development and Infrastructure Authority Ltd (HDIL) is planning to set up a special economic zone of 5,547 acre in Vasai-Virar region.  The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) is planning three new business growth centers one in Vasai, kalian and Kanjurmarg  along the line of the BKC.  A special planning authority (SPA) has been set up to look after the entire execution.

The day is not far when we will see the entire Borivali to Palghar belt a developed, clean, economically standard, attractions for residential and commercial buyers. An overall fresh development taking place.

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