Development/Redevelopment of Housing Schemes of MHADA in U-1 & U-2


The following provisions shall be applicable only for Low Cost Housing Schemes i.e. Economically Weaker Sections and Low Income Group Housing Schemes only undertaken by Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority (MHADA)

1. Minimum Plot Size: — (a) In the case of a growing house for EWS and LIG category a plot of 25, a room of minimum size of 5.57 (60 sq.ft.) with toilet arrangement in the first phase shall be permitted. In the second phase, one room of 9.30 (100 may be allowed to be added. However, commencement and occupation certificates shall be granted initially to the first phase only and subsequent certificates for second phase issued as required. (b) Multi-purpose room :—A multi-purpose room shall be allowed with size upto 12.5 with a minimum width of 2.4m. (c) Cooking space (alcove) :—Provision of separate kitchen shall not be necessary. However, cooking space shall be allowed with a minimum size of 2.4 with minimum width of 1.2m. 4  (d) Combined toilet :—A combined toilet shall be permitted for more than one tenement with a minimum area of 1.85 with minimum width of one meter. (e) Height :—The average height for a habitable room with sloping roof shall be minimum 2.5 m. with minimum height of 2 m. at the eaves. In the case of a flat roof, minimum clear height shall be 2.6 m. for a habitable room. Kitchen areas shall have minimum clear height / average height of 2.4 m. and bath and water closet (without loft) shall have a clear minimum height of 2.2m. (f ) Plinth :—The minimum plinth height shall be 30 cm. and in area subject to flooding the plinth shall be higher than the high flood level.

2. External walls :—115mm. thick external brick wall without plaster shall be permitted.

3. Staircases :—Single flight staircases without landing between the two floors shall be permitted.

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