Development/Redevelopment of Housing Schemes of MHADA

mhada building





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6 thoughts on “Development/Redevelopment of Housing Schemes of MHADA

  1. Tilak Nagar Audumber C.H.S Ltd made redevelopment in 2006 and old tenants 36 + new purchasers 58 (total 94 units) took possession in 2007. New purchasers have been admitted as members of the society 2 years back. Builder not cooperating. Society not issued share certificates to new purchasers. Now election is expected anytime. old members says the new purchasers have no voting right. The reason they says that our name is not registered with MHADA. Mhada says after conveyance given to 36 members, the society is the sole authority to give membership. Is there any procedure to register with the MHADA for the new purchasers. It seems to be a technical problem. Please advise me if there is any such registration required by new purchasers after redevelopment. Thanks and Regards (James George), A new Member of the society, Bldg No.51, Tilak nagar, Mob 9821023918

    1. MHADA is right. After giving conveyance, society is owner and need no NOC from MHADA. New member already enrolled in the membership register of the society. Now society must issue share certificate and allow them to fight election.

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