Devendra Fadnavis announced 4 FSI with cluster development policy in Navi Mumbai

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FadnavisChief Minister Devendra Fadnavis at the assembly on 12th March, granted 4 FSI for cluster development in Navi Mumbai, along with this he also announced to regularise 20,000 illegal constructions in adjoining Navi Mumbai’s extended satellite town’s gaonthans.

NCP legislator Sandip Naik later told reporters that the government should verify if all project-affected people will get benefit of the decision.

Nearly 14,000 structures are within the geographical limits of the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation that extends from Airoli to Belapur, while the remaining 60,000 are in the Kharghar to Dronagiri area, the notified belt that falls under the City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) of Maharashtra.

At the State Legislative Assembly Fadnavis said, that the government has formulated a comprehensive urban renewal scheme for all such areas where residents have expanded their homes without the requisite permissions.

“The actual reason behind the increasing illegal constructions in the area is either due to delays in land acquisition process by CIDCO or in some case even after the land outside the gaothan area was acquired,” Fadnavis said.

Elaborating more over the issue, he explained, “Unauthorised constructions has given rise to problems such as narrow roads and footpaths, lack of any kind of ventilation, social amenities, parking facilities or open spaces and illegal constructions has occurred, due to State government and CIDCO failure to implement the gaothan expansion scheme in the areas.”

He added that the State government will provide 25 per cent bigger homes to all existing residents under the cluster scheme, which award developers incentive FSI in exchange of rehabilitating resident of old structures.

The government’s initiative, will not only legalise their homes and help in accommodating existing families of the residents, but also provide them with all necessary amenities that they currently lack, said Fadnavis.

The project area for cluster scheme has to be minimum 4000 sq m. But, in extreme cases if required, permission could be given for the scheme to come up on plot area of 2000 sq m.

The move comes close on the heels of the state government’s recent decision to give an increased FSI of 1.80 to 2.5 to all old and dilapidated buildings of Navi Mumbai.

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