DLF plans ultra-luxurious housing projects for the elite

DLF soon shall launch luxurious housing projects for its high end clients in Shimla, Kasauli and Goa.

Sama homes as this new project series is named,  shall purely be on invitation to the very elite in the society to maintain a like-minded profile of residents.  On the similar name, the company  shall develop 170 villas, 100 apartments and hotels across Shimla, Kasauli and Goa at an investment of Rs 500 crore under the names Samatara-Shimla, Samavana-Kasauli and Samaraya-Goa.

Sama homes would be designed by Mohit Gujral, who is renowned for combining luxury with functionality, and the project would be set in lush green forests in Shimla and Kasauli, and by the sea in Goa.

The hotel and villas at Kasauli would be managed by global hospitality chain Hilton, while the company is in talks with some Asian hotel chain for managing villas and hotels at Goa, sources said.

Though the company has not fixed the price of villas and apartments so far, it is likely to be in the vicinity of Rs 3 crore for the Sama homes in Shimla.

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3 thoughts on “DLF plans ultra-luxurious housing projects for the elite

  1. The best part about DLF is that they expect all Cheque Payment… for salaried class whose all money is in the banks and who take Loans from banks, it becomes very difficult to pay in Cash to Developers…

  2. DLF is desperate to sell anything to move bad debt,be it non core assets to these lux villas.This is actually gujrals venture not precisely DLF just that brand helps to sell and Gujral can invest via Dlf.

  3. They say it’s the last sea-facing property available in Kochi?  Do you guys think its true?
    The DLF Group has now come up again with its new luxurious project Bay View at Marine Drive, Kochi. The project has been developed along with Shonmugom Road and Marine Drive Walkway just opposite the High Court which connects it to the city centre. The location is on the Waterfront to Kochi Harbour.
    Visit http://dlfindia.in/  for more.

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