Dombivali: A Nightmare

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Kalyan-Dombivali stretch is said to the newly emerging real estate destination of MMR.                                 But, is the city actually worth living?

Dombivli_railway_stationDombivali a small city located in the Central Suburbs of Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) currently is witnessing a big realty boom, the Kalyan-Dombivali stretch is said to the newly emerging real estate destination of MMR. But, is the city actually worth living? This question arises in minds when one takes a genuine look of the city.

The city is stated to be the second most populated city in Maharashtra, it is identified by the Central Pollution Control Board under comprehensive Environmental Pollution Index. The city has total of 450 companies in MIDC Phase 1 and MIDC Phase 2, out of this 250 are engaged into bulk drugs, pesticides, dyes and intermediates, which use hazardous substances and pollutes the area.

Recently, in the month of June Dombivali received green rains, due to gas leakage at one of the industries, which caused settlement of green water in and around MIDC area. The incident is the proof of the large amount of pollution in the air of the city. Since many years the residents of the city are complaining of the foul smell and choking gases being emitted from the chemical companies. Few weeks before the residents near the MIDC area had registered a complaint with Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) regarding a foul smell like LPG gas odour was troubling them since few days, many people complained about throat infect and breathing problem.

Besides, the environmental issues Dombavali is the region of many such issues like illegal constructions, lack of basic infrastructure facilities like proper roads, water scarcity, land scarcity, unauthorised constructions. It is also one of the most populated station of the Central Suburb. Dombivali is emerged as a major destination on Central railway line, as per the Central Railway’s ticket data Dombivali has recorded highest number of passengers purchasing tickets, the figure has reached to 2.25 lakh passengers . Thane is said to be the most crowded station in the Mumbai suburb. But, now Leaving Thane behind Dombivali has become the most crowded destination of the Mumbai suburb.

The city has become overcrowded as a result there is scarcity of land in the city. Due to lack of development land, the new residential projects coming up in the city are been constructed in the outskirts of the city, which are far away from the railway station and where there is lack of transport and other infrastructure facilities.

Dombivali has becoming the hub on illegal building. As per Kalyan-Dombivali Municipal Corporation’s (KDMC) 26% of the 3 lakh buildings in KDMC are illegal, from last seven years, the city’s illegal construction is growing at 13 per cent. These buildings are not only illegal but unsafe to reside as many buildings are come up on the shaky foundation. Most of the time buyers who are attracted towards the booming market of the city are unaware of the realty purchase such flats.

Though Dombivali is said to be the prime residential market of MMR, it is not safe destination to reside.

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  1. Despite all these issues, Dombivli is preferred by many middle class people as safe destination for stay. It has got very good educational infrastructure, it is having the most educated population in nation and it is very rich in culture. It is observed that many people came back to Dombivli from Mumbai because of the good culture and safe atmosphere in Dombivli

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