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21 thoughts on “Download Model Bye-Law of Co-operative Housing Societies in Maharashtra

  1. is there any law where a managing committee can stop a tenant to park instead of the landlord ? The original owner had a open air spot allocated to her, but now that she has given the flat on L & L, the society refuses to let her tenant to park in her parking. The secretary is parking a second car of his in her parking, claiming that their society committee has passed a rule, whereby tenants have no right to park. Please HELP !!!!

  2. If a secretary and one committee member resign from the committee at the same time, can the managing committee co-opt two members and then elect a new secretary from among the committee members or is it necessary to call a special general body meeting for electing a new secretary?
    What should be the strength of the managing committee for a housing society consisting of 50 flats and one tenant?

  3. Can a society charge shifting charges for an incoming lease hold tenant? How much can the charges be? If the tenant continues for more than a year, is he liable to pay shifting charge again for the next year? Our society charges 10,000 as shifting charge for each year the tenant stays and again once a new tenant is coming. Reasoning given is they want profit sharing on leased out flats.
    Please advise what the law says.

  4. I reside in a Coop Housing Society in Mumbai.I have extended the framework of the main door with a laminate, extending 18″ on the right and 30″ above the main door, without altering the original size of the main door. Does this in any way constitute any breach of the bye-laws, from my end?

    I have been informed by the Society that as per provisions of Bye Law 160(a) of the Coop Housing Soc Byelaws, I have committed a breach.

    Please advise

  5. Want to know if a flat owner is xpected to replace a corroded flush inlet pipe in the bathroom that has been placed by the builder . This involves pipe changing and flooring replacement. Major structural repairs and printing being done on building. Is the owner or society responsible for. Internal facility repairs – not cosmetic,

  6. Dear Sir,

    Please let know procedure to delete name of Decease First holder in share certificate of a Apartment in cooperative Hsg Soc, Mumbai. there are total three names. A B and C. A has passed away. What all documents should i submit in the society to get Name of “A” deleted form share certificate. a is mother b is fater, c is son. and a and b has two daughter e and f both married.


  7. Can a member of a society be elected to the managing committee even if he has sublet his or her flat in the building

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