Draft Housing Policy aims Slum Free State by 2022

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Maharashtra government in its draft housing policy aims to make Mumbai and Maharashtra ‘Slum Free’ by 2022, to achieve their goal government has initiated Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) to undertake a complete survey of all slums within MCGM limit.

Authorities need to include the number of slum dwellers eligible for rehabilitation as per the cut of date of 1.1.2001 and number of non-eligible slum dwellers, tenement density and preliminary feasibility for redevelopment of each slum.

SRA will engage private surveyors to complete the entire survey within 6 months. On the basis of the survey authorities will implement ‘Town Planning Scheme’ (TPS) for each slums.  SRA will take a holistic approach of ‘Whole City – All Slums’ in respect of slum redevelopment.  SRA will also appoint private Architects/Town Planners through a competitive bidding process.

After completion of the master plan, SRA will publish the same, with a view to urge slum dwellers to appoint a developer for their TPS within a period of 1 year.  Incase the slum dwellers fail to appoint a developer then in such a case, SRA will call for competitive bids from private developers through a transparent bidding process and appoint the developer for the TPS.

In case, slums which are bid out do not receive any response from developers, then in such a case, SRA will provide viability gap funding to the extent of 40% the cost of project to ensure the redevelopment of the slum.  In all cases where SRA bids out the slum, no individual consent of the slum dwellers will be required.

In case of slums where LOI’s have been issued but no development has taken place for more than 1 year, SRA will give a hearing to all such project proponents who have not taken any steps after obtaining LOI.

To give effect to the above, the Slum Act and the DCR 33(10) will be amended and the CEO,SRA will make the recommendation for amendment to the Slum Act and DCR 33(10) in co-ordination with the Housing Department, UDD and L&JD Department within 3 months in this regard if necessary.

SRA will also identify all private slum pockets, including its owners and hold meetings with all stakeholders to highlight the urgent need to redevelop the privately held slum lands. A scheme for development in J/V with MHADA will be introduced to encourage private land owners affected by slums to form JV with MHADA and MHADA in turn could either develop such lands on its own or form further JV with private developers through transparent bidding process.

As a general principle compensation on the lines to public land owning authorities, 25% of land RR value may be offered to private owners also.

In order to make eligibility criteria easy all slum families will be eligible if their name is found in voters list as on 1.1.2000.

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