Dronagiri : To enjoy complete Tax Holiday

Situated between business catchment areas like Uran and Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) and strategically located near Mumbai, Dronagiri with a backdrop a beautiful hills will now be declared a “FREE TRADE ZONE”.
Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shree Vilasrao Deshmukh, inaugurated the Mhape Road overbridge and also laid the foundation for the Koparkhairane railway station on the Thane-Turbhe link, on the occasion addressing the press declared Dronagiri as a “Free Trade Zone”. He further added that residents and industries alike will be resident and industries alike will be exempted from all form of tax.
Dronagiri a 2500 hectares spread is very strategically township. Divided into three zone, the residential, Industrial and warehouses, it is a catchment are industrially and economically. It also has a sold infrastructure. An virtue is that it falls into CIDCO. Thus potentials for its growth are very vast. The access is through Mira Jetly and Gateway of India Through ferries. Adequate steps are being taken to create and improve for transport facilities.
Industrialist have welcomed this declaration in a big way. They predicted the industries like diamond and leather goods and ready made garments would largely benefit from this. Import and import of new material and export finished material will benefit immensely.
Dinesh Parekh, President of the Thane Belapur industries Association speaking on behalf of the industry stated that, no Octroi or Entry Tax, Sales Tax and Central Excise will case the strain for Industries. He also added, the units which had moved out of Maharashtra will now return due to this Tax Holiday.
Dr. N.M. Dhuldholya, Vice Chairman NOCIL was of the opinion that, flexibility in labour laws and a pragmatic approach towards the industry and no bureaucratic hassles will allow the industry units to perform to the best of their ability. This commitment by the Chief Minister, he added was a welcome change to help the industrialists. The Chief Minister also inaugurated the spacious how Income Group (LIG) housing complex at Sanpada. This housing complex is built with French Tunnel Technology.
What makes Dronagiri attractive is the vast populace. The industries and housewaring facilities. The conditions are very conducive, production wise and also manufacturing facilities including export support.
CIDCO has done commendable work in the improvement of Navi Mumbai. They started with virtually nothing and after seeing red have and almost a closure of the company bounced back with vigour. They have managed to sell 90% of their Info-Tech property on top of Vashi Railway station worth Rs. 600 cr. Also cutting of administrative overheads has resulted in reduction in debts.
Shrayan Daftray while welcoming the decision of a Trade Free Zone for Dronagiri, pointed out that those people affected by the projects, should be compensated adequately. Many were affected during the development by CIDCO.
The C.M. also stressed and directed CIDCO the construct and build those projects by which the people benefit and subsequently so will the government. He also stated the Navi Mumbai was poised to be the future city of India applauding the work of Shri A.R. Lakhina.

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  1. what all form of exemption from tax include is it include property tax. for ex in dronagiri Mr. A has a land which is used for business (Containerization service) is property tax is exempted for him.and also provide which type which type of tax is exempt declare by Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shree Vilasrao Deshmukh and notification isuued.

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