Drywall & Building Plaster Market : Showing robust growth in India


 By Accommodation Times Bureau

The relatively novice substitute of building plaster – the drywall – is now showing growth in its application in India ,too. Though India is using it lately , but has now started recognizing it in a better way , whereas  North America and Europe are the largest market for the drywall application on the globe. “Drywall is a not a new term in India. It has been around for a long time. Drywall offers similar strength and better performance and can easily replace the traditional brick and concrete walls” , says Samir Rasam the well-known Consultant  of  Renewable Energy (Solar)/Construction. “The concept of Drywall is less understood so there are inhibitions around its use… Drywall is the future of construction in India.” He adds further.

 More and more Architects & Consultants have now started specifying the Drywall in India. Factors such as increasing awareness about the product advantages and growing requirement of maintenance & repair activities, users are expected to fuel the demand for drywall & building plasters, in India soon.

Expert says, ‘It is here to stay, as sand and water become dearer. Drywall are lighter and can save significant loads (dead) which in turn means thinner columns and slabs. It is faster to construct and requires very less quantities of water. Therefore the construction can be managed at a much faster pace and in a well planned manner.’  The walls are more accurate and aligned leading to less undulations and corrections. As the buildings become taller especially in cities like Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore, the need to reduce the load increases and drywall becomes the only answer. Mumbai is witnessing this change and some of the leading builders developing skyscrapers are now only looking at drywalls as a solution. The superior characteristics of Drywall, and ease of its application, making it a suitable alternative in the world of construction.

Building plasters are going  to account for a higher value share of the market than drywall throughout the assessment period. On the other hand, drywall is expected to register a faster CAGR in terms of value. By 2017-end, the drywall segment is estimated to account for around 42.3% share of the overall market.

Players of this industry are focusing on increasing their market presence by achieving recognitions through accreditations for technological excellence and quality of the material.

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