Dubai Developers luring Indian Investors : Coming Soon for big market exploration

emaar1By Accommodation Times News Services

EMAAR, Damus and many other Dubai based developers have been exploring India in recent past. Have already appointed representatives for real estate market. Projects at Dubai, no doubt having world class standards , now luring Indian Investors. To explore Indian market, Dubai developers have been coming to India. Last year too EMAAR had made great attempt and had a very good business in India especially in Mumbai.

People have met the representatives of EMAAR in Mumbai with prior appointments. Unfortunately, RBI had restricted to buy any real estate out side the country and foreign currency remittance were ban. But since now the investment is allowed to the tune of 75000 US Dollar per person per financial year, Dubai is bet bet since the real estate is cheaper than India and world class facilities and quality is attracting buyers.

emaarEMAAR had put up big hoardings in Mumbai and other cities. Soon the Dubai giant will be in India for market exploration.

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