E-stamping the easy and cost-effective way to pay stamp duty

Paying stamp duty while purchasing or transferring a property is often a long-drawn process. You need to go to the registrar’s office and await your turn, or seek a broker’s help to get the job done with minimum fuss.

But there is yet another way — e-stamping.

“It allows third-party verification, which is not possible in the other options. This feature lends e-stamping the maximum authenticity,” says Chintamani Joshi, DIG, computerisation, Department of Registration and Stamps, Maharashtra [ Images ].

Besides, the biggest limitation in case of other stamp vendors is that the amount of stamp duty they can accept in a day is limited. This is not the case with e-stamping.

At present, e-stamping is available in six states — Karnataka [ Images ], Maharashtra, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Delhi [ Images ] & National Capital Territory and Gujarat.

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5 thoughts on “E-stamping the easy and cost-effective way to pay stamp duty

  1. Hi,
    I have a query regarding e-stamp. I bought e-stamp from post office for rental agreement. stamp duty paid was 110Rs for 100Rs stamp paper. The person sitting the post office asked me to put my (landlord’s) name in the second party and tenant’s name in the first party. But I understood later that the rental agreement should have my name as first party and tenant’s name as second party. suggest what needs to be done here.
    1. Cancel the E-Stamp and make a new one. Suggest the process for that. 2. Use the same E-Stamp, but while writing the T&C, mention myself as Lessor and tenant as Lessess instead of mentioning first party and second party.

  2. sir, to make a service agreement with a company, i bought an e-stamp of 100. in dat i mentioned 1st party as my name and second party as company name. is dat correct or in reverse?plz reply fast

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