Echoes: Real Estate Revival

Jatin Nisar, Owner, PropertyEx
There outlook looks good for the future. There is a hunger for land, a rising need for home ownership. And this is just not in India but all over the world. In the last five years or so people are more aware of property rates. You also have to look at it from an investment perspective. Things are picking up now.

Deepak Jain, Owner, Harmony Lifestyles
I am bullish on the revival. There is a feel good factor in general. The corporate results are encouraging as well. I believe that we have already bottomed out this year. Things will most definitely improve.

Abis Rizvi,Rizvi Builders
Certainly there will be a turnaround. The sentiments in the market today are good. It is very positive and conditions will improve. In fact it has started already. The sales of flats have picked up. Once that is done away with new projects will start. This will ensure that existing flats bring in revenue to start off new projects. In a way, of course.

Abhay Patil, Manager, Hindalco Industries
Real estate is all about demand and supply. There will be a high supply after say diwali but the rates will not come down like it was before. I think it will struggle for another year. Supplying building materials is a core sector and depends on activities in real estate, so it has affected it a lot. I don’t see any major changes for a year.

Bharat Gadge, Broker
The market will improve definitely. There will decidedly an upswing December onwards. The market, or any market for that matter, runs in a cyclical fashion. This had happened in the past. So historically speaking we are looking at a situation similar to 1996. There has been some improvement and stabilisation now and this will continue and by the end of the year and start of the New Year the sector will see robust activity.

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