Eco-friendly homes at relatively affordable prices

Exclusive Eco-friendly homes at relatively affordable prices now in Maharashtra.

By Pallavii Pitale

With everyone just talking about Eco friendly structures and systems and very few people actually working towards it, A construction house in Maharashtra has taken a step forward to actually Facilitate housing systems like Apartments and Bungalows with most of the Green advantages.

These housings are with innovative building and site design techniques that are incorporated not only to improve the quality and performance of the space, but simultaneously to reduce the stress on the environment with careful attention paid for safe construction, recycling, natural preservation along with useful and efficient home design elements.

The Green features of these constructions are:

Use of Fly Ash Bricks for construction – These bricks are usually made from 30-40% of fly ash which is a waste product generated from most of the nuclear/ thermal Power plants. It is very light in weight and flies easily thereby polluting the land, air and water. The use of this waste minimises pollution as well as reduces the use of finer soil for making bricks which further helps in reducing the amount of fertile land getting eroded.

Due to fly ash content, these bricks are more thermal resistant and light in weight. They are extremely good in lowering heat transmission though walls.

Use of Thermal Insulating Materials as well as the use of Heat resistant paints – It greatly reduces heat transmission through the structure which leads to lesser use of cooling equipments like Air coolers or Air Conditioners. This further helps in greater reduction in the use of electricity and so in the bills. To avoid heat transmission, the terraces here are also coated with Thermal resistant and water proof chemicals.

Use of Solar water heating systems for every housing unit- thereby using the non-conventional energy resource to minimise the use of electricity.

Use of Water saving Equipments, Water Harvesting and Recycling Systems- Equipments like dual flush cisterns in toilets, Rain water harvesting plant , waste water treatment plant as well as sewage treatment plant further lead to reduce the use of water, renew the water table levels in the soil and also recycle the water for restricted use.

Solid waste management system -A biogas plant has been constructed that would convert human waste as well as bio degradable garbage to methane, which can act as fuel for operations like running a pump or a generator etc.

Outdoor lighting with Sensors- The outdoor and street lighting here is traffic sensitive that would avoid wastage of energy especially during early mornings or late evening times when there isn’t much traffic outdoors. Also the use of low energy consumption devices would help to keep the electricity bill amounts at bay.
Wise and ‘Wide’ use of climatological factors- study of local climatic conditions such as wind direction, availability and amount of sunlight etc. has been done wisely to facilitate more natural light in indoors as well as directing maximum breeze indoors by providing windows and fenestrations at the right places.

Maintaining local Ecology- Local plant materials are easy to grow and maintain as they are used to the local climate. Taking this fact into consideration special care has been taken to preserve Local flora and fauna by deliberate plantation. Also maximum Exteriors and common areas are covered with plant material to reduce dissipation of heat.

With all these good Green features , these properties also offer all the other features which any high – end client would otherwise demand that too at prices that are only about 25-30% more than the other properties in the viscinity.

Vilas Javdekar Eco homes, The construction house, showing much concern about the “Green Constructions” is offering all the above facilities at their various state- of- the- art projects in Pune and is all set to launch their similar new Project at Kolhapur shortly.

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