Effective action will be taken against illegal construction & encroachment: Mayor

By Accommodation Times News Service


Mayor of Municipal Corporation, Ashok Lahoti said that effective action will be done at the zone level to remove illegal construction and encroachments in the Shahar. At the zone level, the Secretariat Zone Zone will take effective action to remove illegal constructions and encroachments by mutual discussions with the Deputy Commissioner.

In the Municipal Auditorium, Lahoti directed the officers, while reviewing the Municipal Commissioner’s Deputy Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners of various branches, reviewing the sanitation and cleanliness drive, illegal construction, encroachment, lease etc. conducted by the Municipal Corporation.

The Mayor said that “On completion of the prescribed procedure till the applicant was asked to complete the prescribed procedure of up to eight meters high on 250 sqm residential construction on the same day, acceptance and release will be issued.”

Similarly, the Empire Committee for issuing lease will be done on Tuesday and Friday at 4.30 pm on every two days of the week. All cases relating to an issue of a lease will be disposed of. In the meeting, it will be ensured that special invitees of the respective area are invited.

He instructed all the Joint Deputy Commissioners that Zone level September 5, 2018, will prepare the equipped room. In this way, each officer will hold the card during office hours. He informed that there is no hindrance in the work of the Zone Office of the Corporation and for a public hearing at the time of the people, Municipal Headquarters and Zone Offices will be available in the office hours from 3 pm to 5 pm and will be informed by them. Resolve problems with priority

The Mayor instructed that the officers and employees of all the branches working in the zone would also work with the instructions of the Deputy Commissioner concerned zone and present the report of the work. And the officers and employees of the Zone office will be able to register their position in the moment register before leaving the office.

He said that arrangements for a signing of the signals are being done at the zone office to give the application for leasing names and leases etc.

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