Enhancing the spaces with colours

By Pallavii Pitale
In today’s time, when there is an abundance of everything but space, it is necessary to plan the space well to get most of the available space. As far as the emotional aspect about the space is concerned, one also needs to feel about the space. Colours play an important role in creating the right kind of ambience in any space. The right kind of ambience with colours helps create right mood through their sheer appeal to our senses. Colours when used in right proportion in a right place can do wonders to any space.
Colours can add depth, height and spaciousness to any room depending upon the choice of colour. Lighter tones, pastels colours tend to make space look large and wide whereas darker tones tend to make the space look shrunk and smaller than actual. To make an oversized space look proportionate, one or two out of the four walls can be painted in darker colour. Along with the hue, the tint or shade of the colour as well as the texture of it can add a special character to the space.
While choosing the colours for walls one needs to keep in mind the pattern, the colour and the texture of floor tiles, furniture, upholstery and other furnishings of the room. One can paint two opposite side walls in a lighter shade than the other two or one of the walls in the room with dark colour. A single wall with different colour and visible vertical strokes can add height to the space. Walls painted with two different colours with a horizontal division can reduce the height of the space. Special touches to the walls can also be added by drawing patterns and designs with help of wall stencils or by creating various textures either with the help of a professional or by oneself. It can also be done with help of wall papers that are beautifully coloured and textured.
The brighter colours like yellow, orange, red can be used in any space to enliven the mood. These bright colours are energetic. The tints ( the lighter shades of the colour)of yellow can make the space look sunny, bright and cheerful. The tints of orange can make the space looks inviting, friendly and attractive. With the tints of red which are mostly pinks, the space expresses feelings of care, friendliness, innocence and love. The shades (darker tones of colours) can look beautiful when used in proportionate quantities. Ochre yellows, brownish oranges and maroons look absolutely rich when used in right proportions. They add rustic charm to any space. Care should be taken when these colours are to be used in their purest form as they are extremely bright and can sometimes cause psychosomatic disorders if used in excess. These bright colours are good in children rooms, the lighter tones are good for living/dining and kitchen areas. Very light tones of these colours also can be used for offices. Especially the light yellows and light orange. Pinks are mostly avoided in the commercial areas except showrooms etc.
Cooler colours like blues, greens, purples are soothing and calming in nature. The tints of these colours look extremely beautiful and are good for relaxation, resting and peace. Extremely bright shades of these colours can look garish at times if not used in proportion. Also these colours can not reflect much of light so rooms with these colours at times can look dark, dull and dingy. The fresh, lighter tones of these colours are better used for Bedrooms and leisure rooms where the person relaxes. At times even light orange and pinks are also preferred for bedrooms for the emotional effect they create.

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