EWS slum dwellers residing pathetically four years since demolition


By Accommodation Times Bureau:-

Banglore :Organizations such as, Forum against EWS land grab, Fields View, Housing and land rights network has released a survey report , Bengaluru’s continuing equity”. The report is an appraisal of the impact that the the poor residents of Ejipura, Koramangala are enduring, since the dispossession of four years after the demolition of their slums.


All these Four years of endurance after the eviction, families are impelled to live in rental houses, or in relative’s homes or creches/anganwadis. The survey says, only 42 percent of those surveyed have permanent housing, whereas 55 percent are living in temporary structures. Two percent are residing in semi-permanent structures, and one percent are reported to be homeless.

Violet Mary, a senior citizen who is now homeless said that life was turning out to be hell on streets.

“I lost home. I can’t hear well. I was working as a house maid earlier but can’t work now due to old age. Every meal has been a struggle and no hoe to stay,” said Mary, voicing the concerns of all those families that became homeless after eviction.

The survey has concered as many as 110 persons who earlier lived in EWS slum. The survey went on for one a half months and covers various aspects of life that changed after the eviction, through interviews and visits. “A child who had gone to school in the morning was shocked to see his house being demolished when he returned from school in the evening. One lady said she had no clue on why she was alive. They are still waiting for their houses which is their legitimate right,” informed Issac Arul Selva, from Slum Jagatthu who worked on the survey.

The impacts of such demolition are so pathetic that the lives that were already worse become worst. M R Prabhakar from Forum against EWS land grab, said that the eviction drive not made people homeless, but made many children school dropout. “Women, children risked their life living on streets. Their confidence was killed. The government’s policies are anti-poor. The slum land should belong to the people in slum and not for a commercial project. What we are facing now is modern slavery which is against constitution,””he rued.

Prof Y J Rajendra, President of People’s Union for Civil Liberties said that the report on EWS slum demolished must be reached out to all MP, MLAs, and to the government. “The demolition happened in 2013. Till today, many of the slum dwellers are living on footpaths. Why has the BBMP not given them homes yet? An open letter must be written to elected representatives, government questioning where did they fail? It’s human rights violation,” he said, in favor of the human rights of the slum dweller.


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