Ex Parte Order when Respondent not present

By Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi LLB, Ph.D.

Aashish Gurav V/s Kailas Patil (CC006000000000382) Order dated: 5th Oct 2017

The respondent executed the agreement of sale of the said flat on 13.05.2011 and agreed to give the possession of the said flat within 18 months from the date of the agreement. Respondent has failed to appear despite the service of the notice hence, the matter proceeds ex parte against him.

Maha RERA Ordered: The respondent shall pay the complainant the monthly simple interest at the rate of ” 8.15% plus 2% p.a. on Rs.27,52,490/- from the date of default i.e. from 13.7.2012, till he delivers the possession of the flat to the complainant.

Credits: Landmark Judgements of RERA (Book)

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