Farm houses are getting replaced by second homes

By Accommodation Times Bureau

Before 10- 15 years the ‘Farm House’ were owned by riches of the towns, to spend some leisure time with family or to celebrate auspicious occasions or to throw a weekend party. More over it was a style statement for corporate people, business men and celebrities. But, as times have changed people’s perception for farm houses have changed. Now-a-days farm houses are been replaced by second homes and the demand for such homes has been slowly increased in the real estate market. After acquiring their dream homes in the big cities, people like to invest their savings in second homes in small towns.

As the day-to-day life in metro cities and big cities is getting hectic and stressful people are in search of some leisure time away from the stressful city life, they search for peaceful places. Hence, peoples approach for such homes is increasing. Second homes are now not only the big farm houses or bungalows, but are also available in apartments and small bungalows, for the not so riches. The popularity of such homes is increasing rapidly and the constructions for such homes are in pace.

Second homes has emerged a new trend in the real estate market of natural surroundings, there is a great demand for second homes situated in the valley of nature, this gives encourages the green and healthy environment. Second homes have benefited the small towns near the metro cities, this concept have bought development in such regions. Pune, Panvel, Alibaug, Goa, Murbad, Lonaval, Khandala, Chikhalgaon, Shahpur, Wada are uprising with projects of second homes. Small regions like Murbad, wada, Shahpur are witnessing developments.

Currently there are many real estate firms engaged in construction of second homes as the popularity in the market is increasing. But, initially the second home market was deem as compared to current situation. There was lack of demand and constructions for second homes, but today’s scenario is different people, lots of big builders and developers have entered in the market of second homes, offering better amenities and rich life style. Big developers like Tata Housing, The Landmark are into the business for second homes. Disha Direct marketing company for second homes is currently the biggest name for second homes.

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