Fast Spreading Urbanisation

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By Murari Chaturvedi, Editor & Founder of Accommodation Times

Urban areas throughout the world are growing at a much faster pace. In India, the pace of urbanisation is now set to accelerate as the country sets to more rapid growth. In fact, urbanisation is growing all over the world. Recently, the government made two major announcements for urban development of the country and its two ambitious missions, smart cities and Housing for All.

As the urban population and incomes increases, demand for every key service such as water, transportation, sewage treatment, low-income housing will increase five to seven-fold in cities of every size and type and if India continues on its current path, urban infrastructure will fall woefully short of what is necessary to sustain prosperous cities.

Today the city is a battleground between the right angle and the curve, the right gridiron of the surveyor versus the swirling twists of our “planned” suburbia. Statistics, economic analyses, graph and charts urge a popular plea that planning must adopt scientific methods for the direction of future urban growth. Urbanisation in the country unmanageable and to manage the growing urbanisation in the country, these factors must be considered and followed.

They are inclusive cities, urban governance, funding, planning, capacity building and low-income housing. We need to start a political process where the urban issues are debated with the evolution of meaningful solutions. With cities growing beyond municipal boundaries, having fully formed metropolitan authorities with clearly defined roles will be essential for the successful management of spreading urbanisation in the country.

The smart city plan proposed by the government is an informative stage and it will take some time to mature and implement it. But the unprecedented growth of urban population at a fast pace does not allow the time the lethargic bureaucracy require for the change. The tragic impact of the great city upon human welfare aroused the search by the new utopians, and their vision may light the way toward the urbanisation of the city area.

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