First girder for Milan Rail Over Bridge launched

By Accommodation Times Bureau

The crucial construction of the Steel Bridge over the western railway tracks at Santacruz has begun and the first 20-meter long girder for the same has been launched in the early hours of Sunday morning. The progress is considered to be very critical as far as the completion of the Milan Rail Over Bridge is concerned. “The Milan subway is a flood prone area and monsoon after monsoon has been termed, a curse causing traffic chaos, by the people seeking East-West connectivity. Considering the fact that the entire 61-meter long bridge will be launched over seven railway tracks on the Western Railway, this is a significant development”, said Mr.Dilip Kawathkar, Joint Project Director (PR), MMRDA. “The launching of the largest span without support over the railway tracks was possible after a successful meeting with the railway authorities concerning operational blocks and launching scheme for the girder”, concluded Mr.Kawathkar.

The Milan ROB is the second Rail Over Bridge to be constructed by the Authority after it constructed the 1040-meter Dahisar Rail Over Bridge – which has already been thrown open to traffic. The 61-meter long Steel Bridge was constructed in Bidar, Karnataka. The 700-meter long Milan ROB is being constructed at a cost of rupees 83.74 crores and will help motorists travel from Eastern suburbs to Wester suburbs and vice versa.

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