Five Reasons to invest in Wadala

By Samyak Jain, Director, Siddha Group

At the beginning of this year, MMRDA announced its plans for Wadala that has attracted real estate entrepreneurs to this bustling neighbourhood. This strategically located micro market between South Mumbai and the suburbs, the prospect of greater connectivity and employment seems more promising than ever.

In the last decade, Wadala has witnessed rising real estate rates owing to better infrastructure, road connectivity, railways routes and Monorail. In the face of Wadala’s imminent rise, many homebuyers from MMR have been attracted to this new destination. So why are today’s homebuyers and developers attracted to Wadala?

1) Government plans

Fancy a walk to work? The government’s recent plans to make Wadala the third central business district of the city after Nariman Point and Bandra – Kurla Complex (BKC) involves a great deal of commercial and residential development and an increase in employment possibilities. So rather than get stuck in a 2-hour work commute, Wadala residents can rejoice in workplaces close to home. With commercial offices coming up MMRDA’s ambitious plan involves the creation of jobs in the next three decades. This plan will also boost the retail and hospitality sectors along with the formation of public open spaces.

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